About Us

Our Mission

A Tolet.com, our mission is to provide a global marketplace where tenants and landlords/ owners/ brokers/ agents/ property managers/ can match all their property/ housing/ commercial office space needs. At Tolet.com, people from all over the GLOBE sign properties from one day to one decade; furnished and unfurnished, with roommates and without, with pets and without, with good credit and with bad credit, and at all price ranges.

Tolet.com prides itself on maintaining a complete and updated database of every kind of property anywhere in the world. Whether your required situation is unique or ordinary, we can help you realize your property renting needs.

Tolet.com makes the property renting search process easy!

Before Tolet.com, the process of searching Property for renting was an overwhelming task that required tremendous effort, and usually a real estate agent fee. Tolet.com has simplified the process of searching homes, apartments and rooms by creating a full service search medium where Landlords and Tenants meet without exhausting efforts or agents. Most property searches are 90% completed before you have to leave your computer terminal.

Posting a property:

Landlords, leaseholders and property managers can post their homes, ventures, apartments and house rentals or rooms for rent with detailed descriptions and photographs. Tolet.com makes amenities available such as tenant background reports and real estate contracts.

"Agreement" shall mean and include the completed application form, its attachment(s) and the terms and conditions stated herein. It shall be deemed to have been executed at New Delhi.

Searching Property and Contacting

Prospective renters and tenants search the Tolet.com database of homes, ventures, apartments, and rentals of rooms for rent using proprietary search software and store all potential sellers and rentals in a personalized database. From this personalized web page, tenants contact landlords and leaseholders via phone or email.