1)Which type of services does Tole.com Provides?

Tolet.com Provides owner & Tenant related rental services. As an owner and Agent you can upload your Rental properties for being rented for suitable Tenants and you can earn reasonable monthly rents. As a Tenant you can search properties for living by paying rent. You can pay your rent directly to your owner by using Tolet.com ’s Rent paying option. As well Tolet.com provides you rental agreements at reasonable prices.

2)Why, I need to verify my account to use Tolet.com services?

At Tolet.com our main scheme is to reduce the scarping data, therefore we could provide genuine leads to owners & agents, and as well we could show the valuable search results to tenants. For these reasons as an owner or as a tenant you should verify your account for showing your commitment on the process.

3)How long does it take for email verification?

Email verification is a simple process, after clicking on “SEND OTP” button in your signup page within seconds you will receive a mail with the verification OTP. It generally takes less than a minute.

4)How long does it take for mobile number verification?

Mobile verification is also simple process, after clicking on “SEND OTP” button in your signup process within seconds you will receive a message with the verification OTP. It generally takes less than a minute like email verification.

5)How will I know if my account is verified?

After successful verification you will be notified through mail and a confirmation message to your Mobile number.


1) Can I List my property before my account is verified?

No, you cannot. As the verification process of mail and the mobile number takes less than a minute you should verify your details for showing your commitment on the work. Once your account is verified you can List your properties frequently.

2) Why is my property listing not visible?

The Property which you are listed will be verified for its content like photos, location and description, etc. Property will be visible for all the users only after these verifications.

3) I made a change to my property listing & now it is not visible in search, why?

Any changes made to the property listing after activation of your property in user interface will go through verification process to maintain the quality of listing on sites. Don't worry! Our customer service relatives will make it active within no time if all details are acceptable.

4)Any recommendations for property owners while listing a property?

As we told you earlier we wanted to build a system which provide genuine results to user as well for the property owners & Agents, we seek your co-operation by following below guidelines:

  • Provide accurate details while listing your property
  • Provide exact location of your property on the map
  • Please do not include your phone/email number in description of property
  • Add at least one photos of each room like kitchen, hall etc. to make your listing more attractive
  • We have kept the listing process simple.
  • 5)I received a SMS stating that my property listing was rejected, Can you explain why?

    As our main aim at Tolet.com is to eliminate scrape listings from the rental scene and if we find any mistakes in property listings, we reject the listing. While doing so we may end up rejecting genuine listings sometimes. For such cases, please contact us.

    6)What happens once I list the property?

    After listing your property in Tolet.com, Our team will verify you’re listing for uploaded details, after that they will approve your listing. Once they approved your listing it will be listed in our websites users interface. The tenants who wanted to rent your property will contact you through e-mail or mobile number.

    7)What if I don’t get tenants through your owner plan, Will it be refundable?

    8)I have certain preferences of tenants for my property; will I get good tenants for my property?

    What's the rent that I can get for my property?


    1)Why do I need wait for my account to be validated to see owner details?

    2)Can I view properties until my account is verified?

    3)I am new to city, how can I use Tolet.com to find a suitable house for me?

    4)I didn't find property for my requirement, what should i do?